Life is all about what you expect it to be. And truthfully at any moment of any day we are either expecting something good or we are expecting something bad.

Some people are always looking at the bad in every situation. They’re always expecting the worst possible outcome. Then there are others that are very optimistic, and they’re always looking for the good to come out of any circumstance.

What we speak is what we expect. If someone asks you to hold out your hand and you would give them something, most anybody would follow your instructions.


Children Ask Their Parents

A family is sitting in a park having a picnic.Parents have time and time again told their kids that if they get good grades or if they do something they will get a reward. The children then intern have an expectation of something good coming to pass.

The same holds true when we are told that we are going to get a promotion. As soon as we receive that piece of paper confirming this, we double-check to make sure we are reading it correctly. Some people even go about making plans as if they already had the promotion in advance. They carried this out because they believed something good was going to happen to them. Before they saw it, they acted like they already had it.

God has promised wonderful blessings for his children, and we can expect to walk in them. He is always looking to pour out his goodness on us every single day.


Loving Fathers Help

A father hugs his son closely.Any loving father looks to help their children whenever they can. If they want something, they simply ask. If it is within the power of the parent, they will make it happen.

Believe it or not, God is the same way. However, not all fathers are kind. What we can rest in, is knowing that God is good and he always wants to help his children even more than a loving earthly father would.

In the book of Matthew, we read that it is important to ask, knock, and seek in order to receive from God. These are clear instructions from God that we need to ask before we get the things that we want.


Heaven Is Full Of Things

A lone flower in Heaven.It’s an interesting thought to think about the things that never made it from heaven down to earth because someone simply didn’t believe God enough to ask him for it. Our heavenly father is able and willing to assist us at any point in the day. All we have to do is look into his word and ask him for what he has promised.

There are people in life that can’t understand why certain people always seem to have blessings come into their life. In digging deeper, you discover that this person never prays and asks God themselves. They have the thought process of thinking that God knows what they need, so they don’t have to ask him.

Then there are other types of people that think that God is moved only by our needs. They think that if they are down to their last penny or are crying their eyes out that that somehow moose got to perform. The truth is, only faith moves God.

God Is Pleased By Faith

A bible lays open with a pen.Many Christians know that God is only pleased by faith, but they are still not receiving from him. They have faith in their heart, but they are not acting on their faith as God’s word instructs. They want others to believe on their behalf, and maybe through their prayers, God will bless them. What they don’t understand is that if they would but ask God will provide in his time.

You don’t have to fear. You can go to God the same way you would an earthly father and just ask him for what is in your heart. You don’t have to fear that he will turn you away.

This is one of the reasons that God says not to forsake the gathering of fellow believers. Nobody wakes up on the perfect side of the bed every single day. Sometimes you can go to church not feeling the greatest and feeling bogged down by your situation. But when you come together with other Christians, your faith is stirred up along with heirs. You leave church not wondering how God will come through, but how many ways he can come through.

As you lift up your hands and worship God decide today to focus on his amazing love for you. Keep your faith in him, and soon you will begin to see how much he has in store for you. Then you can ask him for the things you want and receive what you asked for.