As we move into the end times, we are going to see more and more of God’s glory and his power. We are also going to see more of his gifts and the move of the Holy Spirit in the church like never before.

Now and again we see the move and glory of God in the body of Christ. Some have even seen his presence manifest like a cloud, flowing into the sanctuary. Others have said they’ve seen what look like waves of God’s glory moving during the service. In both cases, it was described as a cloud that was white.

A group of Christians worshiping God.Now more than ever we are going to see God move in these last days. We’re going to see more and more signs and wonders as the Holy Spirit, and God’s anointing saturates believers who gather together. There is truly going to be a revival of miraculous manifestations.

The Bible says that God has given gifts to the body of Christ for the edifying of the church. The problem is we have majored in three of them over the others. Many people agree that the pastor, teacher, and evangelist are part of the church. What they don’t know is that there is more to come.

Gifts Of The Spirit

The special gifts were given through the Holy Spirit in order for God to help us be all that he wants us to be. It is vital that we see the fivefold ministry in the church today. We must ask for and revere the ministry gifts.

A white church building.It is the Holy Spirit that gives out these gifts to the church. They have always been there, but timing is everything with God. The Holy Spirit will manifest these gifts in individual people.

We also need to know that those who are members of the five fold ministry often times will have the spiritual gifts given to them by the spirit. And what will notice is they usually come in pairs.

A profit usually has the gift of prophecy, of course, but it is usually accompanied by discerning of spirits, word of wisdom, or word of knowledge.

One thing we can count on is we will see renewal and revival of the spiritual gifts in the end times. There will be a fresh outpouring of the oil and glory of God.

The Bible says that you cannot pour all the wine into new wineskins. Over time the skin becomes old, and when New Wine comes in contact with it then it can burst.

Old Wine Skins

A red wine bottle laying on its side.The point the Bible is making is that people, churches, or ministries, for example, can become like old wrinkled wine skins. And God wants to pour new wine into them but he can’t until they have renewed their mind.

One of the ways that they used to revitalize old wineskins so that they could hold new wine was by rubbing them with oil. This is similar to the oil of the Holy Spirit. When God’s spirit moves on our life, he is making us pliable and soft in his presence so that we can handle what he wants to pour out in and through us.

This is what we need to see today in the church. We need to see the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit. When the anointing flows on a body of believers signs and wonders always follow.

Days Gone By

In times past there were mighty moves of the spirit, but unfortunately, there wasn’t much teaching on it from God’s word. What we’re going to see is a revival of teaching the Bible so that people understand what’s going on. After that teaching, there will be a pouring out of fresh anointing like never before because people will understand what God is doing.

What we need to watch out for is a move of God. It’s just like an ocean wave. It will come in gently time and time again.  Eventually, God’s glory and anointing will saturate that person or group of people.

The best thing you can do when you see the move of God’s spirit, power, glory, and anointing are to jump in. Don’t hesitate. Pray to God and take the leap in faith. You can receive a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit right this very moment.