Urgent and Ongoing Needs

Urgent & Ongoing Needs

Volunteers Needed – if you can help, please contact us at 859.259.3434 or email us

Items that are urgent needs are highlighted in red.

Food Items

Perishable Items

  • Meats – (canned or fresh) tuna, salmon, chicken, lunch meat
  • Milk, eggs (fresh & powder), mayonnaise
  • Condiments – ketchup, mustard, onions, BBQ sauce, RANCH or Italian dressing
  • Chile beans, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, crackers
  • Fruit – (fresh and canned)
  • Buns, donuts, pastries

Non-Perishable Items

  • Coffee, creamer, sugar, sweet & low
  • Canned vegetables, soups, stews
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Plastic forks
  • Styrofoam cups 8oz.
  •  Styrofoam plates 8.875 in. heavy duty (others melt in our warmer)
  • Snacks






Non-Food Items

Clothing: Winter coats, warm shirts and pants, socks and underwear

Toiletries:  Soap bars, shampoo, shaving items, deodorant

Capital Needs

Building Materials –

The Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation under tax code 501(c)3. All contributions are deductible in accordance with state and federal tax laws. We are always in need of volunteers to donate time, food, and tax deductable monetary donations.