History of The Lighthouse

In the early 90’s, Dan and I started going to The Salvation Army with our ministry program. At the time, we were showing movies that would entertain and send a message. A favorite was “A Thief in the Night” about the end time. Before long, we moved from working through the Salvation Army to opening our own service ministry in downtown Lexington, KY. We called our mission The Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. We began ministering to the homeless, poor, addicted and anyone that God sent our way who had a need we could fill.

In 1999 we had a milestone year when we bought a building to house Lighthouse Ministries. A renovation project got underway, which took many turns along the way and took a lot longer that we ever imagined. Just when we were making plans for the opening of The Nehemiah House, a residence for men in the life transition training program, Dan got sick.

We learned that Dan had advanced liver disease. There’s so much to tell about Dan. Read about him in a “Herald Leader Article.” His wonderful and amazing life ended on January 4, 2004 when he died on the operating table while going through liver transplant surgery.

On that day my world turned upside down again. Dan was gone and the ministry we had worked so hard to establish was so close to being ready. How could this be? But God was with me and kept after my heart and wouldn’t free me from the call to take over the ministry and keep it going. Dan would be proud to see the vision God gave him carried out.

I can say without reservation that God has placed in my heart a burden for those that nobody else wants. We serve a God of the second chances, as long as you have breath, there’s HOPE!

Remembering “Big Dan” Henderson

Daniel Estes Henderson (1950 – 2004) was the man with the vision for The Lighthouse, The Nehemiah House and all other facets of the ministry that now encompass The Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.

He had been a heroin addict, armed robber, convicted felon and prison escapee. So when he talked to Lexington’s addicts and homeless, they listened. Some even turned their own lives around.

We lost Dan to sickness in 2004, but his legacy and spirit will remain with us forever.

+ Click here to read about Dan in a 2004 Herald-Leader newspaper article (Adobe pdf file).