10 Rules For Loving An Addict


Loving an addict isn’t easy. And it’s not something any of us ever think we will have to go through. But, if you have found yourself in the situation of loving someone with an addiction, here are 10 ways to at least try and reduce the damage doing so can cause.

DO NOT enable, no matter how hard it gets to say no. Just keep saying it.

DO find someone safe and genuine that you can talk to, someone who can support YOU.

DO practice self care and don’t stop looking after yourself just because your addict has.

DO NOT believe your thoughts or your addict’s accusations that you caused or aggravate the problem.

DO engage in other activities and conversations that are not focused on your addict and their behavior.

DO protect yourself, your finances and your possessions and remove yourself and dependants if you believe you are unsafe.

DO NOT believe it is your job to fix your addict. Only they can do that.

DO know that recovery is possible. YOUR recovery is possible. Focus on that first and foremost. And if your addict joins you too, even better!

DO trust your gut instincts. And know that your eyes will tell you more than your ears.

DO NOT do this on your own.